Monday, 30 August 2010


Of course - not mine - still waiting!

This is a picture of the early garden just after the path was built to the very early veg and fruit beds. This picture was used before (14th August) when muttering about seasonal food.

Having been to my brother's near Kendal yesterday where the garden has had over twenty years to mature I realise I shall be a wrinkly old man before I see the same. (Assuming I live long enough). To see walnuts ripening on his tree and damsons weighing down branches - jealousy.

Here are two more pictures from spring 2007, these before the path was built - as you can see the garden was a wasteland. One shows the view to the wood over rough ground.

The small shrub bottom left is a Davidia given to me for my birthday by my brother and sister-in-law and planted in early 2007. This will , in due time, become a handkerchief tree.

The garden has no structure, few plants and is in need of many hours hard labour - which it got!

The other image, also taken before the path was built shows the view back to the house just after the construction of the third veg bed.

The first crop in most of these prepared beds was potatoes to clean the soil (and get scab).
Gradually I have worked out what grows well and what does not. Blackcurrants and raspberries, broccoli and leeks, beetroot and asparagus, rhubarb and rocket all do well. Carrots and parsnips are more difficult - I can grow huge parsnips but they do get some rot. Carrots we have discussed before. Easier to buy at the greengrocers. (If not as sweet and tasty.)

If you look at the blog for 25th August you can see the garden three and a bit years on which gives a good idea of how it is maturing. Unfortunately trees take time to grow unless you spend a fortune buying large specimens - which would please Weasdale Nurseries!

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