Thursday, 16 September 2010


The rain has stopped for a moment but the grass is too wet to mow. I have topped up the bird feeders - we seem to be feeding every bird for three miles now - and done some dead heading.

Time to look at the garden after the rain and wind.

I have still not cut up the fallen branch but that can wait - it is not going anywhere. My one sunflower has snapped off
and the teasels
near the gate are horizontal- so next year put them somewhere else or stake well.

The Sedum spectabile has done its usual collapse from the middle as shown -
next year may try a trick I garnered from Sarah Raven where the plant is pruned earlier in the year and this may reduce the problem. Alternatively I could try and stake it but the stems are heavy and somewhat brittle. Perhaps I will stake one and Sarah Raven the other as I have more than one.

And then there is Doc almost submerged in Weigelia foliage.

He needs a move to a more comfortable situation or the shrub needs a good prune.

The last figs are going brown and the fig leaves are going yellow and falling off - so it is a good thing we live in a cold climate.


What if the Nook garden was the garden of Eden?

Post apple.

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