Thursday, 23 September 2010


So - what is it called - CLEMATIS HERACLEIFOLIA.

Blue(ish), scented and a shrub about 3 feet high that does not climb. Last year it
appeared near the buddleia where the bird feeders are and I thought - what is that ! I had forgotten I had bought it.

So where had I bought it. I have to confess that I cannot remember but the most likely candidate is Cally Palace Gardens at Gatehouse of Fleet. The nurseryman there travels the world looking for new plants and always has some interesting stuff.
Corsock House near Dumfries is another candidate as they open the garden on Spring Bank Holiday Weekend. Well worth a visit and a cup of tea.
Then again I might have bought it at a National Gardens Open Day or whatever they are called where they have oddments for sale.
Or somewhere else. . .

To grasses - not the Stipas and Miscanthuses (is it miscanthi?) - but the wild ones in the wood - The Wood melick I leave and it has colonised a banking by the stream.

The small red maple was given to us By D and J J who now live at Flookburgh and it is part of a small plan to plant by the water where it comes from the top of the garden down the steep bank. Already Royal Fern has been put there and ideas are afoot - if you can have ideas in your foot.
I suppose it depends where you keep your brain!

Fortunately I was never much of an athlete.

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