Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This is the view up the garden from my window.
As it is rotten weather again, instead of describing a garden I am staying out of, I will describe the contents of this windowsill!!

Left to right -

A square flat pot, originally the tray for a bonsai tree that died, filled with little egg-shaped stones from all over the world,
a small metal sculpture of dolphins given to me by R last Christmas,
a bent screw retrieved from a B&Q pack - difficult to get into the wood but teasing to the imagination,
a wind-up device which jiggles on release - the paper hands were an idea as this is supposed to be a note holder,
a collection of wine bottle corks - I have an idea they will be useful for something one day - a mobile sculpture, a fly scaring hat? -
two mugs which I painted and had fired at the Spring Fling near Auchencairn in southern Scotland,
an orange float found on Calgary Beach in North Mull.
In the left hand mug is a golf tee with a small pompom attached so that it will not be lost when driving off - found on Ulverston Golf Course.
In front of the mug is a green plastic blade of an old small hover mower.

Isn't life exciting - any bids for the lot? - 5p - too much?

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