Friday, 8 October 2010


Other things have arrived to drag me away from the garden - health!

Managed to mow some of the lawn today. Also have weed killed the paths - I know not organic but sometimes needs must. At least it will keep things in some sort of control for a while.
The willow trimmings will just have to wait for the chipper and become woodland path.

Still have a sack of daffs to go in - job for the weekend before the hospital beckons on

This sign was painted for us by my brother-in-law Roy Brown. He exhibited a a painting this year at the Royal. Not many people can say they have their house sign painted by a famous artist!

The photo does not do the colours justice.

So, the blog may be a little intermittent in the near future - partly because I may not be doing a lot in the garden.

The mowing will have to be done somehow as the grass is still growing though some areas are now out of bounds as so boggy. The weather is supposed to get to nearly 70F this weekend!
Wait till the low pressure which has given us the southerly air flow passes and the wind switches to the North.

ps Pumpkins picked and on the table outside the kitchen for final ripening and hardening.

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