Sunday, 24 October 2010


There is a deep frost forecast for tonight, many flowers will soon be gone. The valerian by the gate is blooming again lavishly and the Kaffir lilies still have a good show.

R weeded whilst I removed the last broad beans, chilli and squash plants - now badly frost damaged and dug up the sweet peas as they have stopped producing flowers. They all went onto the rubbish mountain by the veg beds.

New plan - the compost heaps by the shed are to go and be moved down to the vegetable area where they will be rebuilt. This will mean we can plant more shrubs and flowering plants near the car parking area and remove the unsightly heap of old veg and eggshells.

I have dug over those areas where there are no overwintering plants - leeks, broccoli etc - so that the frost can get in and break up the soil.

I have noticed that some of the wooden bed surrounds are rotting despite them being old scaffolding planks. They will need replacing.

We continue to collect sticks and twigs that fall off the trees and the heap is now 6 feet high. Time for a bonfire but before we light anything will have to move it sideways to let any creatures escape - e.g. hedgehogs. Having said that have not seen a hedgehog in our garden but we did see a fox cross the road in front of us last night not far away.

Chickens and ducks beware.
Story - when we lived at Torver in the Lakes my father had ducks and each night he would put them securely in a duck house (nothing to do with MPs). OPne night they just would not go in and every time they approached the entrance they would all suddenly slip by on one aside or another. After two hours and in darkness he gave up telling them they would have to fend for themselves.

In the morning the fox had been - carried away one and bitten off the heads of all the rest. It is this mass slaughter which is so upsetting - okay Mr. Fox, you are hungry - take one but why kill the lot?

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