Friday, 15 October 2010


I do not like Gladioli like this - can just about deal with the odd colour but a couple of years back got a free bag of glads with an order.
The pale lilacky, mauvey ones were awful.
They got deposited down the banking under the sycamore in the nettles and never appeared again.

There are still one or two that appear like this one - the colour clashes with everything.

Then there other dislikes - I can just about tolerate dahlias if they look a bit like daisies but the pompoms and cactus sort are a travesty of a flower.

R dislikes begonias - the bedding sort - they do not go in a garden with a wildish feel. You can get away with wallflowers and sweet williams - do not plant in regimented rows and blocks but municipal park planting - no thank you.

Some plants look like artificial versions of the real thing - too in and cross bred.

Mind you if a true blue rose came along - well .....

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