Sunday, 3 October 2010


There are weeds growing in my hair and toadstools under my fingernails. My skin is going wrinkly - I know it is aged decrepitude - by it is soggy too.

Having said that did manage to dash out
yesterday and prune the growth off the top
of the willow arch -a killing job with arms
above the head - like painting a ceiling. I meant to use the wands and twigs and so on but they lie on the lawn (uncut because too wet) in the rain.

This is nothing to do with the garden but have been doing a bit of my sister-in-law's family tree - yes K the one who suggested this Blog to me - and found that her ten greats uncle knew my nine greats grandfather!

I know - nothing to do with gardening but as her ten greats uncle was Oliver Cromwell . . .

This picture shows one of the few redeeming
pictures of rain in the garden - alchemilla leaves spattered with jewels.

Back to the nitty gritty and do we have a bonfire or do I chip the smaller sticks and use them on the woodland path?
Or do I chip the willow?

Sounds like a cue for a barn dance.

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