Saturday, 30 October 2010


This is the gate to our "drive". The inverted commas are intentional as we do not own the drive, it belongs to a local Trust who would not sell it to us.

They also turned down a cattle grid to improve access so we replaced a small stile on the left with a gate and removable post. Not brilliant but does make it wider.

The signpost indicates that this is a bridle way and we do get the odd mountain cyclist and horse rider along it.
The little sign is on the post for the electric gate button and was done by yours truly. Damian Hurst eat your heart out.

Please excuse blogs if infrequent but have to travel up and down to Manchester a lot in next few weeks - to Christie's for tests and then, I presume, a blast of the old radioactivity.

Funny, but R's mother's maiden name was Christie!
Not that there is any connection, of course - just a pretty remote coincidence.

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