Thursday, 9 December 2010


Sitting at the computer I looked out of the window at the banking and saw this bird.

At first I thought it might have been a Snipe but on closer inspection it has a barred head, not a stripe.

This is a Woodcock.

The pictures are a little substandard because the lens was at full stretch but with a
little photoshoppery I have managed something recognisable.

Birds are finding it hard at the moment, even the Robin.

It seems strange that it is probable that this Robin is not the one I see in the summer waging war on other Robins but an immigrant from Scandinavia seeking better climes - got it wrong this year!

So there are the birds and animals shivering in the big freeze, the garden is in suspended animation and now I have found we are low on logs.

I will have to chop some more if I can prize them from the frozen log pile.

Then I can continue to have the woodburner at full flow warming the old cockles!

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