Wednesday, 1 December 2010


This is the view from my computer out of the window and up the garden.

Not much gardening being done - Earth stood hard as iron (as did my trousers on the washing line), water like a stone!

The pond does have a clear area where the stream runs through, so the birds etc. do have water to drink.

I was concerned that the robins were not getting enough grub as they seemed to find it hard to hang on to the feeders - so I put out a slice of bread with lard on it - not salted - bad for birds - and three robins turned up. It is a measure of their hunger, I think, that three such territorial birds could take turns at the bread and stay with a foot or two of each other.

The second picture is of the willow tunnel in snow which lends a strange skeletal feel to it.

As we are on the west coast we have not had much snow - 1 to 2" at most - so far. When the weather changes and comes from the west then we will get a lot though it may not last for long. Then we will not want the warm front sticking over us.

ps My BMW 3 series, even with traction control etc, is pretty useless on the polished icy hills here. My wife's old Toyota Yaris is great!
On the other hand, for the rest of the year, the BMW is in a totally different class especially on long journeys.

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