Saturday, 4 December 2010


The snow is finally falling, the, last night it rained for a while, thawed for a while and froze. All is crusty.

Went out to shovel drive. The treatment I am on is wonderful - never felt the cold - just had a whacking hot flush!

The first picture is up the garden at night with a flash. The second is of an old sink from my mother's garden in which we had lilies. The stubs of their stems are just protruding through the snow.

The plants I received at the start of the freeze were carefully put in the shed and are now rock solid.
Normally the shed would be frost free but it has been so cold that it has been well below zero even in there.

The birds are everywhere and I seem to be feeding most of Cumbria. Today R spotted a funny chaffinch - it was a brambling and then another. They have fled from the cold of northern europe for - the freeze here.

The garden sleeps under the snow - except for voles and things which have tunnel networks hidden away in the long grass - a hidden world safe from kestrel eyes.

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