Wednesday, 8 December 2010


So we are snowed in - well I will try to get out this afternoon - and then try to get back!
The first picture is a panorama - 3 images put together - of the garden from the house.

It all looks sunny but it is not warm - not even reaching 0 degC - the snow does melt where it gets a good dose of sunshine but elsewhere it does not.

The second shot shows us suffering freezing fog - it is a wonder anything survives - I cannot get a pickaxe into the ground though the stream still runs and keeps a small corner of the pond ice free. Hence the visit by the heron yesterday.
The usuals are all here including this fat Wood Pigeon waiting for one of the smaller birds to drop a seed.

And then I was in the kitchen and glanced casually out of the window by the feeders. That is a large blackbird, I thought looking down at the ground under the buddleia, and then the bird looked up at me, cheeky as you may.
It was a female Sparrowhawk! Even the predators are starving - there is little carrion and mice and voles are buried under the snow.

Finally this picture with the late afternoon sun leaking through the trees conveys cold - minus 10 C last night. In the summer we can sit on the old boxes on a hot day and be glad of the shade.

I think I will skip that idea just for now.

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