Friday, 17 December 2010


Back has come the bitterly cold weather.

Ground as hard as iron and all that stuff.

The Hedgemen came and began to lay the field hedge. They have produced a vast amount of wood and brush which R and I have been building into a bonfire, chopping for kindling, setting aside good poles for beans and sweet peas and larger wood for logs for the wood burner.

The removal of the large sallow from the hedge at the far end of the garden has revealed that we have a much bigger garden than we thought.

Ideas are going through my head - perhaps a sitting circle round a central fire as at Castell Henllys in north Pembrokeshire.

Planks supported on vertical posts are arranged in two semicircles with an open fire in the middle where potatoes and sausages can be baked in the hot ashes - sausages on a stick and potatoes in their skins, split and filled with salty butter.
I know - not very healthy but . . . . . .

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