Monday, 10 January 2011


Yesterday I attacked a bank of very thorny rambler roses - cut them back hard in preparation before moving them.
My fingers now have thorn cuts - one of my leather gloves has a hole at the end of the left middle finger and every thorn found it. I have extracted two sharp bits of rose.
My fingers are also battered from sorting the brushwood from the hedge with kins (split finger ends) on my right thumb and index finger, (it did not seem to hamper my golf).
The roses will be moved to a bit of ground at the back of the house where all I have to do is shear them every so often.
This leaves the bed they were in empty and I have some tulips and white stocks to go in there for now.

So where are the photos this time?

Well, no one wants to see my finger ends - as far as I know - so here are the last of the snow images from the last two weeks or so.

There is one of the young ash by the top fence, a monochrome picture of a shrub on the banking and one of snow on the flowering currant.

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