Friday, 28 January 2011


There was a slight frost again last night.
It leaves strange patterns in the garden as on this stone and it lends a special beauty in the early morning.

This afternoon has been R weeding and me not keeping up with the horse manure. I keep getting side tracked.

The plan has been to take a wheelbarrow of chippings down to improve the paths by the veg beds and then return with a barrow of old manure.

Then I see that the Tutsan, though alive is very unsightly and would benefit from a prune. Other things in the garden are emerging - daffodils coming up, amd the snowdrops are well out on the banking and under the great sycamore.

Back to today - I was shifting manure but the stream by the Wendy House is clogged - mud slinging coming - and the sides need reinforcing with old scaffolding planks. I promised to widen the gravel path in from of the Wendy House Door.
Well all done - but so much more to be done and trying to get it done before I get the dreaded summons to the hospital.

I have come by my son's unused bird pole and feeders but where to put them? They need a bush by them and some cover as well as somewhere for them to queue.

Dilemmas, dilemmas - they never stop.
Well they do . . . . in the end.

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