Thursday, 20 January 2011


Woke up expecting fog and was greeted by a sunny, if chilly day.
No excuses - get in the garden

It seemed only a few days ago The Nook looked like this -

So finally let's have a go at lighting the bonfire - lots of paper and cardboard in the holes in the base, sprinkle with some white spirit I found and - phut! Quick flare up then out. Perhaps needs a few gallons of petrol but that might blow the whole bonfire (and me) to bits!
Wood too green, too cold, too wet or just bloody minded as we have cut it out of the hedge - well the men I employed did.

So I shifted manure and R collected the sticks fallen in the winter.

Then we saw the first snow drops and as we went around we saw buds coming on the quince and the flowering currant, Daffs. and crocusses (or croci?) pushing through. Actually we are woken every morning by crow cusses in the wood! Except they are rooks.

Every year I divide the snowdrops and spread them - they are ridiculously expensive in the catalogues.

After shifting yet more large logs I discovered the yellow raspberries I had dug up and reburied in the farthest corner of the garden amongst the long grass and brambles. So I pruned them so we might get the odd one (or more) in the autumn.

So the day was only partially Phut! The problem is that if the bonfire does not burn soon the birds will nest in it. Then I will have to leave it and time the fire between the birds fledging and the hedgehogs snoring.

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