Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Firstly two frosty pictures - the first from the garden to the lane to Pennington - now visible after the hedge laying.

The second is through the kitchen double doors.

Now to the matter at hand - I dug out the mud from the top pond and the channel that joins it to the lower pond.
It is back breaking work and I was done for yesterday. The medication I am on reduces muscle power and stamina and don't I know it.

It rained last night so I am disappointed that I have not dug out the main pond and replanted the water lilies whilst the level is low.
Many years ago when I worked a summer at my Uncle David's farm at Wormleighton in the midlands, one day, instead of bringing in the harvest as it was damp, I was sent ditch digging. The bottom of the ditch was five feet below field level and after five spades full I lay on the wet grass in exhaustion. The farm worker I was with laughed and went on all day!

I still have the bottom pond and some of the stream to do - alas!

Snowdrops are out and even the odd wallflower.

I did the RSPB bird survey - disappointing.
As soon as I stopped I noticed a kestrel sitting in one of the big ash trees. This, I think, had caused the paucity of numbers.

And I was hoping for a Hoopoe and a Slavonian Grebe!

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