Sunday, 20 February 2011


There was snow on the hills yesterday and a bit of frost.

There is a cold wind blowing today.

R cleared some of the banking of dead grass, new brambles and so on and I levelled a mound near the septic tank, moved a rhododendron up by the azaleas and a Senecio, (they do not call them that now but Brachyglottis!), to the lower banking to match one across the path. Whilst doing so I noticed more early primroses in flower.

Some of the remaining dead plants - old teasel stems by the compost bins - and beech leaves still on the hedge were rime edged first thing.

Actually most of the hedge beech are only a foot or so high. They were given to us by a friend who has a huge beech tree that seeds everywhere and wanted rid.

The frost was very fleeting this morning and had gone by 8 o'clock.

Working in the garden can sometimes be a welcome distraction - I learned at lunchtime of the death of a friend, Stephen - digging turf and shovelling soil helps a little.

Often the garden can be a haven from cares, a place to detach oneself from the world - yet also a place to think without interruption.
It is a place where one can find peace and contemplation as well enjoyment.

I saw an Aquaslide for sale on the John Lewis website - old memories of Stephen's and our families hurtling down a sheet of wet plastic into the bushes. Perhaps I will buy one?

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