Saturday, 26 February 2011


Precisely, especially in the boggier areas.
Panic - mowing approaching at a rate of knots - and too early in the year.

£100 voucher arrived from Gardeners' World Magazine - now to decide how to spend it - see blog 21st February.

The heads on the daffodils dropping ready to flower and some out.
Today's job is shifting manure. It is a bit late but we have seen so little sun recently - and every time it comes out I am elsewhere doing something else - so I am behind.
Crocusses (or is it croci?) are coming up where I do not want them or cannot see them. These will have to be moved but one always leaves the odd corm behind.

These are the tete-a-tete by the back door.

R continued to clear bankings and I moved some offending crocus hidden under a bush to the banking where they should naturalise.

I also dug up a lot of foxgloves from the lily bed and replanted them in the woodland area - more appropriate. There is and aggressive climber we were given when we moved in and this has been transferred to behind the decking by the Wendy House.

Now, horror of horrors, the spanish bluebells by the fence from the previous owner - which I though I had killed off, are coming up - drastic action needed to try and protect our native bluebells at the top of the wood.

So, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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