Saturday, 5 February 2011


I am not a Monty Don
- a wet weather gardener,
anyway I have a cold up my nose so it would
be most inadvisable to get cold and wet.

The first picture shows the pond with rain spattering its surface. You can see what happened to the hedge though if you look at the right next to a log there are some
snowdrops I did not know were there.

The second shows snowdrops on the banking under the trees though the pic. is a bit small. Every year we have been spreading them and they have been spreading themselves but there is a long way to go before they are spectacular.

The final picture is a close-up of snowdrops
under a skimmia just outside the kitchen
doors. They light up a dark corner at a dark time of year.

Which brings me to a little news for my reader - whoever she might be (H?) - The blog may be a bit intermittent in March and April as yours truly has to spend Monday to Friday being fried at Christies.

This, of course means I have only a few weeks to get the garden manured and ready for the coming year.

So perhaps I should be out in the rain.

Or perhaps not - I wonder what's on the tele?

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