Saturday, 2 April 2011


Sun is out, lawns mown against wifely advice as not physically 100%, so time for a tour?

First an important piece of information - my sister I. has the same birthday, July 8th, as Monty Don!

This is a view from the house looking up the path to the vegetable and fruit garden. First broad beans sown.
Cherry not yet out to the right - the one whose branches grow horizontally - I could look it up but cannot be bothered.
Loads coming up in bed in front but the rosemary there has not survived the winter cold - will leave for a bit and hope but . . .

I think the ceanothus will survive though battered, one sage and a thyme gone and an Ole.. something or other we got from Muncaster.

The second picture is looking
down the garden to the left of the previous one to the willow tunnel. The stream winds through the upper part of the image and the line of small shrubs on the left is a copper beech hedge.

The shrubs on the right include sambucus nigra, a berberis and a cotoneaster.

There is a lot of moss in the lawn after the winter - and a lot of thistles.

The next shot is of the house from the far end where the young white birch are planted. Last autumn we under planted them with some daffodils.

The red in the distance are Madame Lefevre tulips - brilliant red with a black heart. My mother used to grow them when we lived at Little Arrow in Coniston.

You can just see the end of the willow tunnel on the right.

Finally a view from the
birches up the slope to the wood with the stream on the right and white daffodils under the trees.
Soon this area will be a sea of native bluebells.

When the evening sun slants through the wood and back lights the flowers this is a small corner of heaven.

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