Friday, 22 April 2011


This is the view up the top path from the paved area. The wooden structure to the right is for an everlasting sweet pea to clamber upon. Just to the right
of that grows a Rosa rubifolia.
My Uncle David and Aunt Phebe used to live at Wormleighton Manor, the ancestral home of the
Earls of Spencer, and when Uncle David died Aunt Phebe took me into the garden and gave me a seedling of this plant which, according to the tradition of the house, was the original red rose of Lancashire. I have taken this plant with me as we changed house and it now grows in a place which, till 1974 was Lancashire (now Cumbria).

Now one rabbit in the garden is worrying but two, seen two days ago, spells danger! This will have to be watched.

The asparagus is being picked and eaten with relish.

By the back door pink tulips are growing with yellow daffodils. This is a colour combination which, in my opinion, does not work - yellow and pink, ugh!

To weeding matters - this has been a wonderful year for tree seedlings and I am about to go into the garden on a sycamore cull.
Anyone want a few hundred sycamores 4 inches high let me know.

To end this is something completely different - a picture of a vase of tulips - Oh! Yes, and my grandson J with strange attire.
Having been asked to go to his school in fancy dress or something for a charity raising day he decided to go as Underpantman - hence the original hat!

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