Sunday, 17 April 2011


A swallow here now, and a wren nesting on the banking. I was concerned that the wrens might not have survived the winter.

The picture of the robin is a bit of a cheat - story later.

The primroses on the banking are wonderful but the red campion and other growth is starting to smother them. We must remember to divide and replant to increase the number of plants.

I have moved plants, planted three Euphorbia wulfenii characias by the Wendy House and, in the supermarket today, bought a pot of culinary thyme for £2.

Tale 1 - I bought a thyme plant at a nursery not long ago for £6.99 - what a fool. The pot from the supermarket has at least 20 plants in it - 10p each - just pot up and voila!

Tale 2 and the robin - I took this at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire - last outing whilst in Manchester - R had always wanted to go.
There was no big sell, good tour, fascinating house with no "collections" or even furniture. The Hall was the star. The cafe was small with good food and all the staff were wonderful. I wrote in the Visitors book something like - Eat your heart out Dunham Massey, this is what the National Trust should be about, what Beatrix Potter and Canon Rawnsley wanted it be about, good tour, great cafe etc.

Then R at church was told by someone that their daughter had been there and the person at the hall had proudly read out what I had said!

I meant every word - wonderful place. (Not a lot for small children though.)

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