Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Just had an irate phone call, "Why is there no blog?"
Pure idleness is the answer.

Pic - Nook from below, over copper beech hedge and broom, in foreground light coloured leaves of Horse chestnut but the variety indica.

Have been emptying large pot and replanting variegated holly, R weeding and wheedling that she weeds and I blog.

I have planted nicotiana for their evening scent, more white cosmos, some verbena bonariensis and sown all sorts of veg and such in the veg beds. Broccoli is weeded, paths are weedkillered (sorry organic bods) and logs barrowed up to the logshed.
Even took a log (ish) from the hedge laying and planted it as a sculpture - well, sort of. It is lurking behind the blue seat at the end of the willow tunnel.

Then there is the new idea of sound in the garden. This weekend there is an Aeolian display on Birkrigg top. Went up last night and it will be spectacular if a bit teeth grating. Unfortunately no good for our garden as too sheltered. So I will have to enjoy the dulcet tones of R.
"Why do you never do any weeding?" etc etc.
Not true but she has been doing a lot recently.
Perhaps I should give her another job. Shifting manure would be a great help but making tea and getting flowers for the house?
Actually I could not manage it all without her. She is fantastic - goes out in most weathers when I am muttering that it might rain and so on.

So I leave you with a view of the distant Coniston Fells over Ulverston through a very few of the wind instruments on Birkrigg.
It is amazing the sounds that wind can produce!

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