Friday, 10 June 2011


I think it is time for a garden plan.

To start here is a Google image - the one you can see if you look at The Nook now.
This is at least six years old - before we built the house and started on the garden.
You can see TJ's old prefab and his garage, now, of course, gone.

The plan - at the bottom of the blog - is very confusing as so much is in it but the lawns are light green and the wilder areas darker.
Zooming in on the blog may help.
The house is top right, the Wendy House bottom right by the ponds.

This brings me to tales of animals.

Last night we were standing by the Aga (yes, we have one and I know all the arguments) when I looked out of the glass doors to see a grey squirrel just sitting there. We stared at it, it stared at us and then put its head to one side as if assessing the situation.
It shifted when I got the camera but not before this snap.

Then R was down at the Wendy House and as she came out she found a baby rabbit sitting on the grass. They stared at each other until R moved forward and the rabbit shot into the pond and made its escape.

The worry is that where there is one rabbit more cannot be far behind.

The next picture is a view up the garden from one of our bedroom windows.

It shows the hoggin path to the left leading to the veg and fruit area and the gravel path on the right which heads for the woodland. In the distant left there are the small stand of white birches. The mass of white in the foreground is the crambe behind the roses and catmint in the foreground.

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