Sunday, 17 July 2011


Rambling around the garden in my head, I suppose.

It is raining.
I suspect the weather may finish off the remaining raspberries for good.
Yesterday we had a shower so heavy water poured off the roof in a waterfall - so no gardening, just church flowers - mainly buddleia, alchemilla and a touch of feverfew. R has threatened to put me on the church rota. (I am a non goer).

On Friday we weeded (R accuses me of being a non weeder but I do do a bit) and then I have added yet more netting to a veg bed after sowing and planting in a last attempt to grow something without the bunnies consuming all.

No, I have not yet got out the strimmer - but it will have to be done one day. (Well, perhaps it doesn't but then - jungle.) It is important to remove long grass etc so that next year's annuals can thrive.

I have potted on some white phlox and white penstemon cuttings and replaced them in the little propagator with cuttings of white pinks. The verbena bonariensis grown from seed need to go out.

It is time to seriously think about trees and shrubs if I am to order any for late autumn delivery. R wants a greengage.

The weeping willow has anthracnose - leaves go blotchy and curl up before falling off - but it is too tall now to spray.

It is time to feed the roses (R wants me to get some (or one) Rosa mundi). The Rambling Rectors - one up a tree the other over an old well and some flowering currants - have been good this year.

So to the holiday.

On the way south on the Friday we stopped at the Dorothy Clive Garden near Market Drayton prior to lunch with RJP, H and Max the dog but no sign of Arthur Pint. Max had a maccident.
Then, on the Sunday, went to open gardens at Llanmadoc
on the Gower - very hot and one or two interesting and beautiful gardens.

On Monday stopped at Colby Gardens near Saundersfoot. I told R how we had been before and it had changed so much. She could not remember any of it.
Whilst in Pembrokeshire we visited Hilton Court for a cuppa and a cake (or scone - R) and a walk around the lake.

Later in the week we went to Upton Castle Gardens - this where I am submerged in Humble Pie. This is the garden I remembered - we had never been to Colby!

I am still being reminded that I was wrong and R was right!

Ah! Senility thrives.

(Pictures top to bottom - Dorothy Clive Garden, Frog Cottage in Llanmadoc, Colby Gardens, Hilton Court.)

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