Monday, 8 August 2011


Before I get to the nutty grutty of this blog let me just thank my daughter I and her husband A for the Plum Ouillans Golden Gage given to us for our birthdays or something.

It is planted as shown.

The trees in the background are, nearest - Davidia (hankie tree) and furthest - a Eucryphia (has white flowers one day).

I hope we will get fruit though we are quite far north. R loves gages.

Now to the title.

I have had a message from DJ saying that he thinks the blog is a bit CS Lewis - screwytape maybe, with hideous strength, hardly, out of a silent planet, possibly, a banarnia skin - slippery, or just Surprised by Joy - I hope.

For non CS Lewisians try Wikipedia.

Now, you know from these pages that I love strimming so PM comes on thursday to do it for me! Of course I have to pay but IT IS WORTH IT!
I just hope the weather relents to let the tangle dry - perhaps some hope!

We had the last of the summer broccoli last night - actually we did not as son R noticed some cooked caterpillars in the veg which is a little off putting.
We have sweet peas in the house at last despite all the predators. In fact I have not seen a bunny for a while - hope, hope.
We do have a mournful buzzard that has taken up residence now the rookery is empty and it repeats its Mew in triples from Dawn to dusk - it is becoming more irritating than the collared doves.

ps. I am getting better but, not drinking tea, coffee, alcohol and eating spicy food is dreadful.

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