Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The garden I mean, not the gardener. He wound down about 66 years ago.

As I watch a coal tit take seed from the feeder outside my window (and probably burying it)(and forgetting where it is)(yes, they do that just like jays and squirrels) I note that the weather is set fair(ish) for the next few days.
R weeded, D planted 17 buddleias grown from cuttings on the top banking. There have been so few butterflies this year.
The coal tit is back, has chased off a chaffinch, and is throwing out any seed that is not perfect - until it finds one just right. No wonder the feeders empty so fast.

The winter broccoli is planted - for harvesting in early spring - yet the leaves on some of the raspberry canes are yellowing - put on lots of manure and stuff to make sure no mineral deficiency.

The wood has been quiet but this morning I heard the rooks - they have returned to the tall trees next door. (The Archers can go up on Lakey Hill again.) (English radio programme).

There is a sense of autumn in the air - some leaves are starting to turn, teasels are in seed (can tell by the goldfinches feeding on them).
The Magnolia grandiflora has not flowered again this summer and neither has the Eucryphia - which did last year.

This morning dug out a ditch by the copper beech hedge (young and growing) as the surrounding area is waterlogged - phew!

The raspberries are actually looking decidedly ill - leaves curling and yellowing. I think we have the virus. They may have to be dug up and burned and then new canes planted somewhere else. We love our raspberries but they may have to go. Now the dilemma - do we wait or get on with it?

The house martins are still returning to the nest though well fledged - a bit like children?

A huge box of cheap grade z daffs arrived today for planting under the grass in the bankings. I have tried the bulb planters but find the best way is to roll back a good turf, scatter and roll it back. The turf does need to be thick enough.

The forecast is dry so we need sun and wind to ease the wetness - in fact we need a dry three weeks at least - Ha! Ha!

I often end with time for a cuppa tea but as I am going out - time for a pint of Wainwright.

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