Friday, 21 June 2013


Another bird has died - flew into the kitchen window - a female blackbird. So sad but happens every year despite moving some feeders further away and so on. They just do not see the glass when in a panic.

The first two pics are looking both ways along the hoggin path that runs around the house and up to the veg beds.
You can see that summer has a-come in and all the herbaceous plants seem twice as tall as last year. All down to horse muck. And the weeds are three times as large.

The bed that I am filling with oriental poppies looks a bit sad - rain has flattened many of them - and, of course I forgot to give them some support. A horizontal mesh might be best but make weeding very difficult. Perhaps a deep mulch first would be the answer.

We have had visitors, friends, and they did a garden tour. I noticed all the weeds, poor plant specimens, weeds, scruffy corners, weeds and so on. I wonder, did they?

Other news - I have had to move the seed feeders as they have been emptied by hanging squirrels, the other house martin nest (not the one taken over by tree sparrows) is full of blue tits! No swallows either this year.

We are featured in the Westmorland Gazette, Me and My Garden, in a well written article. You can guess who wrote it then?

We do not have one of these insect house things as such - you know, sawn off bamboos and so on - but we do have a very decrepit log pile, the wood too rotten to burn now. It is ideal and crawling with creepies.
The tadpoles have legs and so are froglets now and the mysterious plant that has erupted around the bottom pond is clearly Mimulus (Monkey Flower).

It is forecast that we are in for a wild weekend (weather not social) so that will get me out of mowing. Just as the fruit is ripening the upright freezer is looking a bit dicky. I may have to get jam making to clear room in the top-loading one.

So there it is - and I have another 6 month reprieve from the giant polo in Manchester (scanner) so no excuses for sloppy gardening.
Time for a nap.

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