Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Here I am blogging away for ages and now R and her mates have just started a blogging online soap opera and are in the papers and on the tele - the grapes are not very ripe!
I am left at home looking out at the rain (at least we completed weeding of the veg and flower beds yesterday despite it being R's birthday) with a freezer in the back of the car (I could go around Ireland with it and write a book?) waiting for an exchange.

There was worry, as the old upright failed, filled with fruit from last year not yet consumed. New one on the way but the delivery vehicle is too big to get to the house so have had to arrange a tryst nearby for a swap.

The asparagus is struggling but recovering a bit. At least all of the crowns are alive if only just. I must improved the drainage of the soil.
On the regular garden tour I noticed half of a nest box roof had gone - squirrels again - and will need repairing.

The garden is full of young, tiny froglets by the pond, yellow blue tits on the feeders, fledgling tree sparrows skittering over the Wendy House roof.

And suddenly the greater spotted woodies are back, one male trying to drill holes into a thin pole acting as one end of the raspberry cane support (it was part of an old flagpole from a previous house)(the pole was there when we arrived), the female on the peanut feeders and all other birds keeping well away.
Tree sparrows are raising a second brood in the house martin nest, we can hear them chirruping above out bedroom window.

Many of the plants in the garden are splendid - the crambe enormous, a white peony with flowers eight inches across and scented. R, she of lost taste and smell, having been to Norwich to see Prof. Carl, thinks she has some back but only nice smells. We hope improvement continues.
Here is a picture of the white tree lupin - a shrub exploding out of the banking. As the flowers age they turn pink and lavender tinted.

Having just caught a squirrel in the trap and thinking that that is the lot for now, I looked up from my keyboard and there is another on the shed roof outside my study window! The little breeders.

So, this morning R is off to meet the BBC and I am off to the supermarket with a freezer in the boot.
Such is life.

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