Sunday, 25 August 2013


So, I have been clearing longer areas of grass - around the white birches, on the upper banking - and gradually clearing out the stream. I was cutting back some overgrown vegetation near the cloud tree when I revealed a large hole. Pushing my hand into it I found it forked and went further than I could reach. This, I concluded, was bunny business. It was not fox - too small and not smelly enough - same for badger. There were no droppings (black currants) at the entrance though we had had heavy rain. I was not sure it was being used so a temporary blockage to the entrance was made to see if this was moved - thus it would reveal habitation or not.

The sweet peas just get better and better - three vases full now twice a week. The scent pervades everything.
The eucryphia flowers are beautiful and delicate - strange on a tree. 
I have made a plan to move a large quantity of the pink Japanese anemones, montbretia and the orange day lily. They are out of control and clash like a giant pair of coloured cymbals. Hang on that is three plants clashing like a pair . . . ?

All right, I will explain the title - For two years R has wanted to take our wedding rings, melt them down and make two new ones - hers not so reddish coloured and with a matt finish. We just have not got around to it - until yesterday.

I had got a thorn into my fat finger just above the ring and it got infected. I managed to get the ring off - yaroo!! - and have been wearing it on my little finger. I have worn my ring continuously for the last - hum hum - years and this had left a deep impression on my finger, which now is gradually fading. 

So - I could not get my ring back on after the problem cleared.
Off we went to Tewitfield and R has her wish.
Meanwhile I am a gardener in the possession of a NAKED finger. It feels strange.

And the end of an idea - firstly I cleared out the end of the Willow path and removed the blue bench which fell to bits. This is just as well as no one ever sat on it. Then, a little further up the lawn, I removed the circle of logs around the fire pit - also never used - and moved them to form a semicircle where the seat had been. This is then the end of two ideas. I am not accurately numerate today but what the . . . 

Some things will not get changed -as yet - like the wonderful white Japanese anemones - much prefer these to the pink.

Yesterday morning I walked out to the feeder by my study window and caused havoc amongst the small birds.

One cock greenfinch fled into my window and I wondered if I had another fatality on my hands.
But I did not. It took half an hour to recover an fly away. I picked it up - so incredibly light - an placed it gently under an overhanging piece of catmint. Perhaps, on reflection, not the cleverest of places!

And finally, a magic moment - in the afternoon, yesterday, I walked down the lower banking to the bottom lawn and, as I did, a cloud of peacock butterflies rose and surrounded me. There must have been thirty or forty.
In June we thought we would never see anything other then whites but now the garden is full of colour.   
And, to top it all, we had a clouded yellow!

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