Tuesday, 8 October 2013


So, you are all an tenterhooks (or asleep) for news of the hunt for Ratty. The trap was set - a giant mouse(rat)trap called Big Cheese. It was primed with Twix and we have caught something every day - mainly mice and a small robin caught by a wing feather which flew off when released.
This is NOT what I had intended. The beast is at large and has not been seen again. I suspect it is a wise rat and is not going to fall for a big mousetrap. After all perhaps it feels it deserves something grander.

I mean, if we manage to erase the human race from the earth then who else better suited to take over than rats. They have hands (yes, R, paws - I know) but they do have opposing thumbs, are omnivorous and are survivors. And they have a reputation for leaving a sinking ship so if we really mess up the earth they might build space ships and get the hell out as fast as possible. The dolphins might go too.

The tomatoes have been brought in and stuffed in a drawer with a banana. If they do not ripen it will be green chutney time again.

I have spent the afternoon potting up bulbs which are arriving in their cardboard boxes. Every year I say to myself, "Did I really order all these tulips?"
So far I have potted Florentine tulips, 4 sorts of dark tulips (go so well with orange ones and yellow pansies) - Muriel, Black Parrot, Ronaldo and Havran.
The orange are Princess Irene (on an offer) and I have some double patio tulips as an experiment.

The ranunculus and scented lilies (Casablanca, Muscadet and Regale) are still in the box and there are more to come - I know I ordered some very dark hyacinths which will be potted up for Christmas and flower in March.

Colour is splendid now with the leaves of the Euonymus elatus and Rhus (that I called a Sumac the other day) (which is also right R has said) exceptional. From top to bottom - Euonymus, Rhus and Liquidambar.

The pelargoniums have been repotted too so they can be brought in at the first sign of frost. Arctic winds expected later this week. 
Also, I hope, some dry weather and I can tidy the garden a bit, last mow and so on.

Just been listening to Don Maclean, The Everlys and The Big O - Ah! Nostalgia - Starry, Starry Nights! Ebony Eyes! In Dreams!
I need waking up so here we go with Howling Wolf and Spoonful, Smokestack Lightning and Evil.
Supper and then The Great British Bake Off on the TV - Wheeeee!

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