Sunday, 17 November 2013


First of all I have no moustache this November as my upper lip is so infertile all I get are wisps, having said that I can curl it like, alas, Cliff Richard used to do. So no Movember for me.

Saturday - Today has been Church fair Day for R. I sold 21 pots of jam and chutney!
I gardened - finished some manuring, removed the manure from the rhubarb crowns - they would rot if I left them - silly mistake - thanks Monty Don for correcting me. I cleared the shed bed of top growth and then picked the last of the garden flowers for the house.

In the morning I made 3 pots of carrot and coriander soup with the last of the carrots - so . . .

Recipe - 1 onion, 1.5 pounds of carrots, 1.2 litres of veg stock, teaspoon coriander mix, bring to boil and put in simmering oven for 1.5 hours. Then add handful fresh coriander and whuzz in whuzzer till smooth. If not thick enough add a cooked potato and whuzz again.
Whuzz is better than whizz, the machine definitely goes more whuzz. Apologies for the mixed measurements metric and sterling and all that. (You will have to work out the conversion yourselves - easy with the internet.)

Question - do I leave the dead teasels and cardoons to wait for frosts?

This is so there will be some structure in the garden in the winter. However the cardoons are looking rather bedraggled and the main teasel is up through a cherry tree.
Answer - leave until I can make up my mind, because I am lazy or . . .

Sunday - R has grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and taken me on a garden tour. This is to imprint upon me what SHE wants the drainage man to do. This includes moving much of the stream so it goes to the hedge ditch rather than down the middle. Do I agree? Well, that is fairly irrelevant. As I love her what she says goes (much of the time)(but not always)(the secret is at least to let her think she has got what she wants)(which she usually has).
The only proviso will be to watch out we do not dig up the septic tank soak away which loops around the far garden. I have already found it in two places under the small stream.

This pic is from earlier in the year but R wants the stream to go straight on from the small brown tree all the way to the hedge.

Time to go out and garden - Oh! How sad, it has started raining.

Now for a post script.
I am having my arm twisted to consider letting adverts on this site. Comments will be appreciated and if there are any you see that you deem inappropriate let me know - HANG ON!
(I have been rejected by Google Adsense as not having enough content!)
Plenty of discontent though.
Well, solves the problem, eh!
Obviously they have not been to our garden and recognised its importance to the world.

Back to cardoons and teasels then.

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