Sunday, 23 March 2014


There is something so uplifting about being past the spring equinox even if I was woken at 5 a.m. with loud borborygmi! At least they were mine - perhaps from eating rhubarb out of the freezer? For those who have not heard the word - Wikip will enlighten.

Looking at this pic of the path in front of the house I can see why I think curves are more attractive than straight lines (not that sort of curve).

I am not a fan of regimented rows of parks flowers and parks mass planting. must be the nature boy in me (song by Nat King Cole?)(irrelevant)

We have flowerings - the camellia is coming on strong as is the male pheasant guarding his two ladies - they have just been feeding outside the window, with him on guard.

The day is sunny, hang on, no it is not - it is raining, no hang on it is both. Cannot see a rainbow though. And it has been windy but then it is March - and we shall have snow - I hope not.

I know - another pic of a goldfinch but they are stunning - and - despite the disease wiping many out we have greenfinches at last.

It is wonderful to have scented flowers in the house - hyacinths and daffodils Also we have a skimmia in a tub outside the door we use (on the side, not the front etc etc). It is lowering well and filling the air with aroma.

Yesterday we cleared the dead grass and stuff from the stream cascade - it is already struggling - water level a bit low - despite the weather. It must have been drier than I thought. We burned off some of the dead grass and a few sticks were added to the bonfire.

At lease two of the damsons are showing promise of blossom and the pear is almost out.

The rhubarb is still too short to pull (and I forgot to put the forcing pot over some of it) so no fresh stuff yet.

I think the mower service people have sold them as no sign of a return.

I pruned back our weeping willow - except it is not - and has orange stems and is to be low pollarded to give new growth in the summer and winter stem colour. The prunings have been shoved in by the far fence where there is already some osier.

Now, I know I talk a lot about stuff so here is some really artistic stuffing - Textile Sculture by Paola McClure. We went to the Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries and she had on this wonderful exhibition.

Clearly this is of me after gardening and before a shower.

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