Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I am not topping up the feeders as much - the birds have spaced themselves out, I presume for breeding purposes, rather than all of them coming for breakfast, lunch and tea. 
What - no, not spaced out, what do you think I am feeding them, but spread out.

 Primrose still flourish and in a couple of weeks will be divided and spread. A banking of this wonderful wild plant in spring is a delight.

The buddleias that were pruned back hard earlier in the year are now sprouting madly. These are the ones around the septic tank and you can see that you cannot see it any more. The shrubs put on so much growth every year and they do not demand luxurious conditions. In fact in town they have self sown up brick walls and all sorts of crannies.

Behind the Wendy House where words pour onto paper, well into a lap top, (not me but la belle dame from the Mersey)(sorry Keats) the wild cherry trees have been full of blossom. The last few years they have been a bit straggly but the mild winter seems to have given them a boost.

With my back to the bluebells and the brambles wot need removing, this view is down the stream. At the top of the image the water bears left but the intention is to take it straight on to the hedge ditch.

We have eaten our first asparagus - one stick each - but on examining the bed there are many more to come. Recent years have been poor for the vegetable so fingers crossed. (And knees, feet and teeth.) (Whoops - a sentence with no verb - naughty writer.)(Sorry sir.)

We have also eaten our stewed rhubarb and R has found a recipe for rhubarb chutney - a sort of savoury laxative rather than a sweet one. Liking rhubarb runs in the family. (Very weak joke.)(Another verbless production.)
Also I have noticed lots of nascent figs on our bush - come on weather, let us have sun and ripen the crop.

Tadpole update - to all tadpoles in the pond, you are doing well, keep swimming. To newtpoles - are you there?

Now Harry and Cressida have had a tiff so I issue my Gadaffi/Putin invite to come for tea and let us sort this thing out. I know they will not even reject my offer (as they will not know about it) but, Hey! as Alastair says in As Time Goes By - it is an age thing, watching old gentle comedy series on the Drama channel - but Hey!

Trees in leaf, well, not the ash, they are way behind, and views up the garden become restricted, yet this creates framed vistas as one walks about.
(I know, you can hardly have much of a vista in a smallish garden (well, not smallish as it is nearly 2 acres) - cannot think of a word for a small vista - vistalette, minivista, hasta la vista (beware the Terminator)(Schwartzenegger means 'Somebody who lives up a black mountain'.)

I ramble.

As usual.

No it is not lateral thinking.

Just thoughts wandering off and getting lost.

Go on - show 'em another tulip.

All right I will.

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