Friday, 1 August 2014


Sometimes it is difficult to find and image that expresses my feelings about bindweed but I think this does it.

Actually it is a gorilla, ten feet tall, made out of spoons for Uri Geller, the bendy spoon man, at

It also appears to be scary to swallows as seen here - now fledged - just a plethora of droppings (all over the place outside the kitchen door). (Is plethora the collective noun for droppings?)(Perhaps it is now.)

In the garden R dead heading and the cutting back of of flowers gone over continues. I mow and carry on clearing the remains of the willow tunnel - big trunks for logs, brushwood for the bonfire and poles for beans and sweet peas next year.

However the main theme for today is orange and red and yellow colour in the garden.
(I have also chucked in a pink Japanese anemone.)

So to the oranges - rudbeckias, nasturtiums, day lilies and the good old Crocosmia Lucifer.

R has to do the church flowers this weekend so I am not sure whether the Lucifer would be appropriate.

The whole place is really a bit out of hand - a team of gardeners for a couple of weeks would be helpful - it is all my fault - too much golf and too much holidays. It seems that going away at this time of year is suicidal for the garden - so NO MORE HOLS - well, not too much.
It is possible that I could turn to sons but one is mountain biking a lot and the other has fled to America!

To finish I present to you the ultimate selfie -

 Nope, you are wrong - not I - or even me - this is my son-in-law A.

What, you want one of me - Self in full Coastal Path Trim - Walking Pole (present from wife so have to use), Shorts that look like old underwear, cap from Doubtful Sound, NZ, knapsack in which to put newspaper, walking shoes, socks, belly from overeating - enough, enough!

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