Wednesday, 17 September 2014


As in the beginning so at the end of the year - lots of yellows in the garden.

 There are potentillas and poppies and helianthemums and, well, so on and so on.

The welsh Poppy to the left is particularly lovely, a wild plant that self seeds. There is an orange version but I prefer the pure yellow. which often grows in shady areas and lights the garden up.
Then there are oranges like these nasturtiums that just blast colour at you.

R has been a-weeding and I have been a bad-backing from lifting water from the pond to try and start some of the old lawn seed I had scattered.

I know, I know, you think it is all fiction to get me out of doing anything. I have decapitated the copper beech hedge plants with a later view to moving them and opening up the lawn area even more. I have pruned the willows around the compost heaps and we have been carrying logs around to try and decide where the 15 white birches that will come later in the year will go.

Here you can see the six existing birches with the rerouted stream crossing the lawn in front. Each log is placed so that I can manoeuvre the mowers around them should I so chose.
There is still a trickle of water running down to the pond but not much. We are very short of rain and today the temperature is, pleasingly, an unseasonable 21C.
We have had a cracking September.

Despite this the outdoor tomatoes are only now beginning to colour up so I have been reading up on my recipe for Green Tomato Chutney. Small 8 ounce jars are ordered and the finished product brings a bit of cash to the November Church Christmas Fair for R.

Plans are afoot and later in the year I will order sleepers, a fruit cage, some slotted pipe for a drain and a great bag of chippings. The latter will be for in front of the Wendy House until we can decide on a decking extension or not.

One small thingy that is bugging me is all this Scottish Independence stuff - endless hours of it. It all seems odd - the Scots who do not live in Scotland have no vote, the English and other nationalities who do, have one. Young people from 16 have the vote, and politicians have a field day.
If they Vote no - what a waste of time and money!
If they vote yes - what a mess!
I think most of those voting do not have a clear view of what independence means (does anyone?) and emotion can and is ruling common sense.

I am English born and bred with a little Manx and a chunk of Scottish (Mother was a Hay)(from Liverpool)(her grandfather came from Coldstream which is as near to England as you can get in Scotland).
My father's distant ancestors were the Black Douglas so the less said about that the better.

I just hope everyone can calm down when this is all over and done with,

Sweet William versus Stunkin' Wullie (Cumberland) - anyway so many of our prime ministers seem to have been Scottish - .... time to stop and have a tot - of tea.

So, you may ask, what is this load of windows doing in my blog? I just like the pic.

These were taken at Sprint Mill where I learned to scythe. Have I been scything since - well not with a bad back!

I mean!

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