Sunday, 12 October 2014


Well, R is taking our small glut of tomatoes and my marrow to make a ratatou - what's it.

So, here is the forgotten courgette with an apple and a six inch ruler for size (15cm).
In this remote corner of England a marra is a friend or mate. It is a greeting word showing respect. This has nothing to do with the green object above but is a line filler. Anyway my marras will not complain.

Up on the top banking the branches of the ash trees hang so low it is almost like having a canopy above. This is where the chimes are hung - I know - bl**** wind chimes and all that - they do not suit some people, but we like them.
I have just noticed the font and so on has changed and I cannot get it back so you will just have to put up with it. (Very irritating!)
Now, here is a pic of the garden from under the ash trees - all a bit jungly and grassy. I am having a phobia moment and using the weather as an excuse to stay indoors. There is so much to do and so little desire to do it.
Autumn has come with its leaf colour. Note the pond still has water in. I have just got the Pond Bible through the post and it says to avoid having the stream running through so I will change that (one day).

 Another aspect of autumn is berries - here cotoneaster and hawthorn (the thornless one we saw at Holker Hall).

 There are flocks of redwing and fieldfare that have arrived from northern Europe for the winter so I expect them to clear the garden of berries soon.

The sun is out so I go out and the sun is in and it is raining so I come in and the sun comes out and so on and so on. The grass is too wet to cut. At least the roses are still flowering.
This font size is chopping and changing - I have been bowled a googly (Googley) (Cricket term for non aficionados) (Game not grasshoppers).
This is my 468th blog and I may take a break soon - probably not stopping altogether but writing a longer one every couple of weeks perhaps.
Getting the place ready for next year starts now and I dream of an apartment with a window box - but then would miss the garden, our garden, our little corner of heaven. (Except it can be Hellish sometimes.)

I am off to make some more blackcurrant jam from 2013's fruit to clear some space in the freezer.

And have yet another cup of tea.

If I wasn't on this diet I could have a Kitkat biscuit - Mmmmm!

Whoops! R has just nicked her finger chopping onions to go with the marrow and our tomatoes to make the ratatou - what's it thingy.
Doc to the rescue, plaster in hand, knife in the other to complete job.

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