Saturday, 18 October 2014


I have been sent to the naughty corner!
First I have to mention compost - COMPOST!!!! - This is for L. who complained that I have not mentioned it for a while. Here is the bigger of the compost heaps, as you can see growing a fine crop of nasturtiums.

Now for G in Dublin who has used the blog as a way of keeping up to date with us - G, if you believe everything I write - well?!
So I will try to tell you more about the trials and tribulations of my decaying body and brain - just to cheer you up. Oh! And R is seeing an osteopath for a pain in the backside - how's that? (No, the pain in the b. is not me . . . . I think.)

So, to complaints that I proposed to change to a longer monthly blog - have you no sympathy for a knee-compromised old fogey suffering from the Autumn blues as the darkness closes in?

I tried to relieve the yuks with a gift to myself of a trailer for the mower - the ulterior motive is to make me use the mower like a tractor in the winter so the battery will not go flat like it did last year.

(I have set the screen saver to change image every 5 minutes and when it does I jump - not good for the old bloke.)

Where was I - yes, trailer - here is a heap of old mowings and stuff vaguely compost - see I mentioned it again - now I can move this with my trailer to the far end of the garden where the big heap of mowings and things are gathered.

Now you can still see the scars left by the willow tunnel removal - but things are healing - when the rabbits do not dig there (and the MOLES!)

I have just repaired the steps up into the wood as they had rotted away.
Talking paths - I will have to do something about this miscanthus as every time I pass after rain I get soaked.

 Ah! problems, problems to quote Don and Phil.

Down in the veg beds all is not too well either - this is the mass of sweet pea plants - not a bloom in sight. What a flop.

However we still have tomatoes, albeit green ones and the strawberry bed is looking good - lots of promise for next year.

I am still waiting for the tomatoes to finish and then I can transfer the runners I have temporarily put in the rhubarb bed.

So now - I have done another blog and mentioned compost so I will creep off the naughty stair (we have one of those as well) and show off my wind spinner again.

Well there it is - I go blogging on - and on - and on - and . . . . . .

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