Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Just back from the Algarve and now you want a blog!!

We are back in the old grey country but her is a pic of the hotel grounds to make you all jealous. 22-23C every day - sigh!

Then on the way back as we sat in the bus at Faro Airport waiting to go out to the plane I said to R, "You know, we have not met anyone we know!"
Then AT and J climbed on and all that was past history. Then we found they had the seats right in front of us on the plane.

So here is a picture of how I hope the garden looked whilst we were in the sun -

and here is how it might have looked except I took this last year.

Mind you the daffs will be all out soon and the snowdrops over and ready to be divided and replanted.

The woodie has been terrorising the smaller birds, and the blackbird attacking the back window.

When we are in the kitchen we can hear birds that are on top of the Aga chimney - usually collared doves but this morning crows letting us eavesdrop on their conversation.

And all the grey squirrels carefully relocated around the district have returned.

And there is much muck to be moved.

Good stuff eh!?

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