Sunday, 23 August 2015


First two examples of the abundance of yellow and orange in the garden - Golden rod - a common flower not loved by all but a golden glow in a dark corner, and orange montbretia - crocosmia.

My backside aches, well, my left hip to be exact. I was using the pressure washer on the big mower when I fell backwards, ended on my hip and cracked my head on the wall. Good job I have dense bones.

I am sitting outside the kitchen in the sun after a long day in the garden. I have part mowed the tangle on the bottom banking and then mowed most of the lawn. We have had a lot of rain recently and it is soggy in places, the wheels leaving tracks.
The mower cased a scatter of amphibians - toads and frogs of various sizes. 
Methinks a hover mower might be a good idea for the banking but then I would have three mowers, a strimmer and a scythe - over equipped?"

I have just put down my empty bottle of Peroni and am listening to R playing there piano. The notes fly from the house like small birds, each with its own song.
I think of Louis MacNiece's words - 
"Down the road someone is practising scales, 
The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails.

The sun is out, I am comfortably tired with the ache of a good day's work done, C, my son is here, and R, the other is coming tonight for Toad in the Hole. My daughter and her family will be here later in the week - I like the way the beer makes me feel mellow but my hip does ache.

We do not have red squirrels but we have a fat reddish grey one - cheeky and brazen as it stuffs itself with bird food whilst I watch.

2 more courgettes and have picked the rather sparse sweet peas to keep them coming. The second sowing of french beans has germinated.

This afternoon (Wednesday) it be mostly wet. As a consequence the pelleted hen manure and growmore I put on the shrubs and rhubarb yesterday will be washed into the soil - and I am in the house writing this.
Yesterday I thought one squirrel on the feeders was bad but then there were two. To have one squirrel may be regarded as a misfortune; to have two looks like carelessness. 
The trap is primed agin and will work - unless the great tits steal all the peanuts again.

Today is mostly Friday and it is damp and dark and dreary. The leaf laden trees overhanging the garden from the wood feel oppressive and my Grandson wants to play Monopoly. We have four rabbits on the lawn and a squirrel on the feeders. 

I am off my ibuprofen and am stiff - in fact I fancy a good moan - actually realise I have just had one!

 Life is a bit like the pic on the left when it should be more like the one on the right.

My daughter is going to the wood to collect bluebell seed to scatter in the wood she planted in Herefordshire. And I have given her lovage and Allium purple sensation seed.
She may take some red campion seed too?

So time to shut up, miserable old man, and have a coffee and smile. I mean it could be snowing.


No just rain.

Look at the Hydrangea Annabelle. The flower heads are so heavy with rain they are bowed to the ground.

Outside it looks like a scene from Mordor, Sauron is coming, thunder and lightning, torrential rain.
However, I know someone who will not mind too much - Anthony Rowley.



  1. Hello there, Duncan! I very much enjoyed hearing of the work, mood, squirrel trials and the family soul of your garden. What fun, it was like listening to a gardening friend. I like chatty blogs :-)

    It's okay to moan too - although to be prescribed sparingly perhaps ;-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I've had a look through some of your back posts (hope your treatment worked) and am disappointed for you not to see comments especially when you cover things like hedgehogs (fav here).

    I've added you to my blog list and will suggest any visitors to me come your way when I post more on my wildlife pond next month (if I get organised enough). Perhaps you might like to post on yours too and then linking to your posts would work well and could be fun :-)

  2. Thanks, I just ramble on and take p[hotos.