Sunday, 6 December 2015


Before I start these images are from Facebook and posted by Loz Taylor.

It is Desmond - the weather bods have started naming the storms like hurricanes and cyclones - actually just gales and a lot a lot a lot of rain - again! I am glad they did not  all it Duncan? 
Then it rained and rained, Keswick cut off, Appleby under water, etc etc. It happened a few years ago and they said it was an event that only occurred every hundred years!!!

Perhaps hibernation might be a good idea - or migration - New Zealand for the winter? At least the shortest day approaches - nearly there - but then though it starts to get lighter in the evening it goes on getting worse in the morning for a couple of weeks - something to do with a wobbly earth.

Ah! Well, every feeder has its squirrel.

Yesterday tried to drain the pond under the liner and failed. Water is gushing out of the field and down the steep banking - saw the sun yesterday - at least I think it was the sun as it seems so long since it was last seen. Gone again today anyway.

Now next morning and towns under water, up to 350mm (over a foot) of rain on fells in 36 hours! This is a record - roads are washed away - by Thirlmere and at Patterdale.  I have put some shared pics on my Facebook page.

(Pond liner on surface.)
Further adventures of a pond liner man - have found that the water is between the liner and the underlay protecting it so tried to get a drain between the two - partially successful. R now says we need a clay bottom to the pond - big job. A drain along the bottom of the pond under the liner but above the underlay would do it plus control of the inflow where a lot of the water is getting in.

This seems so petty when people have their homes under water just before Christmas. We have been lucky being a bit away from the mountains and some distance from a major water course.

How can I talk of gardening. GG slept in his van on the A590, J and D could not get to Manchester Airport to fly to Thailand and thank anygod that no one has lost their lives. I think that is due to the response to the last floods at least giving the emergency services time to evacuate people etc.

Sunday and the sun has been out but more rain forecast for tonight and more Monday/Tuesday!

The tree man cometh tomorrow as he cannot get to his designated job because of the water.

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