Friday, 26 February 2016


Sunday and it poured!!

Monday better, phone still dead and R's car dead - rescued by RAC and new battery.


Little daffs, pulmonaria, crocus and snowdrops all out - sarcococcus at back door wafting well.
Rabbits to the left of me, rabbits to the right of me, trial burrows all over the place.

So this is Tuesday
and what have I done?
Lunch is over
and I'm out having fun . . .?

Well, not quite - further moss, liverwort and algae slaughter on the paths, R has tidied the strawberry bed and I have power washed all the joins in the paving to be ready for repointing later in the spring.

Also walked around garden amazed at the water-logging still present for much of the far and lower lawn.

It is Wednesday morning and it is very cold after a hard frost. The fields are pastel coloured and as I pulled back the bedroom curtain the heron lifted from the pond.
We have frogs, first frogspawn and so the heron.

End of an afternoon moving all the logs into the woodshed - filled it and some over - done for - shower and mug of tea. R weeding.

And so it goes, frost after frost, cold at last but it doesn't stop the toads and frogs working up a little amphibian frenzy. Every morning is a scrape off the car windscreen, sun shining, rabbits mucking about on the banking - Not used to this after all the rain.
The pond is frozen (the heron is the plastic one) except at the lower end and the surface ripples with activity below the surface.

 Daffodils are coming on the top banking between the snowdrops and the occasional crocus.

The snowdrops by the lower path that we harvest in the green every year are also thriving.
Thursday and R carries on weeding. I tried out the hover mower on the banking and it looks good - avoiding any daffodils coming up - but it has tweaked my back summit nasty.

Can be quite something watching the bird with the big swallow having a breakfast of frogs from the pond. I hope we have some frogs left after this.

Started to scrape off the dead moss from the hoggin path - phew.

Currently involved with Facebook plan to saturate it with natural history images. Do it for seven days and nominate person to do the same each day.
I don't know why the writing here is smaller but it is a quirk of the blogger.
Today I put one of a cockchafer on the site.

Anything is better than four months of endless rabbiting on about the EU - staying in, coming out and politicians manoeuvring and going on and on and on and on . . . . what a waste of time and money.
Putin must be laughing up his sleeve - Trump for President and Boris for PM - sad days.

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  1. Yes. We too have made a (tiny) start on the garden. Pulling out the old cotoneaster hedge. it is not difficult as it has been threatening to die for some time and is only just holding on. The wall looks bare on the side we view from the house but enthusiasm is charged with the thought of all the new things we could put in place of the hedge. This, as with every Spring, the plan is for colour, colour and more colour. We may get there one day.