Sunday, 14 February 2016


Nine o'clock on Monday morning is not always the best time but when it goes dark and someone up there turns on the tap it gets worse. This storm is called Imogen - personally I think naming the storms with first names is pathetic - why not call it inundation or armageddon or something?
I had thought of buying a wetsuit - difficult with long body and short legs and arms - but I wouldn't be bothered to struggle into it.

Not enough frozen raspberries, not enough red currants so made raspberry and red currant jam.

Filling the peanut feeder I dropped it and some ran into cracks in the paving. Along comes a squirrel, picks up a peanut, runs to 
the rose bed and buries it, then returns. This goes on nut after nut.

R has just taken me upstairs to the ensuite. Out of the window we can see there is a large new rabbit hole in the back banking!

The clematis armandii is starting to flower. It is usually early but this early?

I have been out weeding, clearing rubbish and dumping old manure on the beds. Still a lot to do. Was cold and threatening rain so I came in and the sun came out - can't be bothered to plonk my wellies on again.

After this morning's rain much of the lawn area is a big dog - Monday.
Tuesday and better. After going to see the drain man at the Coro, Archie Workman Colton's lengthsman, R pruned back the buddleias by the septic tank and I cut back loads of stuff to open up the garden. Also tidied by the small fall where the stream comes out of the wood.

Wednesday and I can't believe it - the sun is out and the rabbits are munching away on the upper banking. Some years ago I planted some hollies by the fence up there and have wondered why they are so stunted. Now I know - rabbit eating the holly!

Snowdrops are flourishing everywhere and a delight.

So, there I was sitting in bed, morning mug of tea in hand, when a heron drifts past the window and lands in the pond beside the plastic heron. I dash downstairs and get the camera. I dash upstairs to the window, focus on the heron and it lifts off and flies away - missed it!

It is not raining - it is cold and frosty - finally a proper spell of more wintry weather - freeze them slugs.


  1. Sure. `Freeze them slugs` Kill them weeds. (Funny how frost does neither!)
    `Sounds like a cue for a Flanders and Swann song.

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