Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Have an upstairs, my first name is William but only banks use it - I use Duncan - all my parents' fault. And the Beatles play continuously in the car since my son C gave me the lot.

I am going to say a bit about the pond. We have had CR here to give us a quote for steps from the house straight (more or less) down to the pond - one of R's ideas.

 The pond has, of course, plants like the eater lilies that we put in but also arrivals from ?
Left is water mint and right Marsh woundwort. 

The flowering rush on the right here is one of the prettier plants we have put into the water. On the left is wild angelica which flourishes in the garden.

I think, probably the ducks but it might have been the herons have brought in pondweed.

 Then there are the creepy crawlies or, in this case the water boatmen with their legs propelling themselves through the water just like miniature rowing boats.

In the far lower corner, over the fence is a large wild cherry tree and this has been looking more and more sickly over the last few years - now a large piece has fallen down by the shed so I have sawn off what I can a taken it up to the bonfire.

A good day Thursday with old friends and their family despite the wet weather. Walking around with others makes me looks at the garden through other eyes - they were very polite and did not see the weeds, jungle, mess etc.

It is Friday and a man is here to fix a fast charger for the car. I have emptied the last of the potato sacks and frankly they are a bit of a disappointment in the the weight of tubers produced. The courgettes are almost out of hand and threatening to be marrows.

A-p-a-t-h-yitis has struck (with a bit of a cold, rain, miserable summer up here, a sea of weeds, fast growing grass, waterlogged lawn areas, a dose of Black Dog and an attack of white fly) so I curl up in the house with Bill Bryson's new book, The Road to Little Dribbling. 
Then the sun came out.

In the end had to mow, R scattered bluebell seed here there and everywhere.

The agapanthus are thriving - reminding me of Auckland in NZ where they grow wild.

And I have sent in a report on the Tree Bumblebee - took this photo - this species is gradually spreading north - more warming of the globe!

 When one has a garden who has time for the Olympics. I shall go in search of some garden performance enhancing drugs like Growmore and horse manure. Actually - fancy being accused of testing positive for horse dung!

No, I don't fancy it really.

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  1. Apathy has struck here as well but not due to cold but lots of heat. Enjoyed your blog post as usual.