Tuesday, 1 November 2016


So we have our first fog of the year - mists of mellow fruitfulness and all that stuff.
Then it muzzled all day - so I put the orchid outside for a wash etc.

It is so still outside, not breath of wind - which means there is no way the grass will dry even a bit - for mowing. 
November coming and the oriental poppy still has flowers with buds to come.

Time to prune the willows - PB can have them to put near his lake, they will root easily if just shoved into the ground.
The willows are in the pink trug with the water lily, iris in small pots and other stuff in the sacks.
All has now been collected which will make little impression, I suspect, to his lake - a few scraps floating in an ocean.
 The leaves on the trees are not the only autumn colour in the garden - here we have dying euphorbia, hosta and so on.

One confession I do have to make is that I should stake plants more - the Michaelmas daisy at the back has fallen flat after a day of soft wetting rain - from the weight of water.  
 The woodpecker has returned to the feeder - a pleasure to see - and I put up a grey wagtail by the pond this afternoon.

I have cleared away the sweet peas that never flowered and begun trimming and cutting away the debris - like the hosta leaves above. There are still some apples on the Bramley.

So we are trying to get used to the change of time - the clocks just went back an hour in the UK so lighter in the morning but darker at night. Why can't modern science sort that out - correct the tilt of the earth? Mind you, if they did - no seasons and the Brits would have nothing to complain about.

Also, why is our news continually dominated by the palaver in the USA - I mean it's simple - give Obama another year and try and find someone more sensible as a figurehead.
Michael Moore for President? Or Bob Dylan - a President who would say nothing - what a change - an enigmatic President.

It is November 1st and I tweaked my back yesterday in the garden and have struggled to put my socks and shoes on this morning. Bad news is that it hurts, good news is that I can avoid gardening for a while. (Well, good news for me but not good news for the garden.)

Oh! And the fox has been caught again on the night camera.

 The poppy is not the only  red in the garden still - roses on the shed and fuchsia by the gate continue strongly. The sedum under the Magnolia stellata is its usual flopped over state but flowering. I have raised the canopy on the tree so we can see better the daffodils that will come up in the spring below it.

As I am laid up and not doing owt I leave you with the cherry as it meets the autumn.

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  1. We still have Cneorum, rose `Sweet Hermione` Dahlias, Chrysanthemums -(just) Houttinia cordata mini cyclamen and a smattering of Fuchsia.
    For us, quite good for November.
    Thank you for the Blog.