Saturday, 19 November 2016


Still we have flowers - the fatsias bursting with inflorescences, cream against the blue sky. A blue sky that says frost though at the moment it is such one day and rain the next.

 The peanut feeders are taking a hammering from the squirrels though I was saddened to hear those on Brownsea Island have human leprosy!
As if they do not have enough with greys and viruses and so on.

These are hypericum berries - black and they do not look at all edible (and are not). (Well I suppose you could but I will not be responsible for the consequences. They are moderately poisonous and can cause skin rashes, confusion (well that is nothing new), anorexia, depression and so on.) 

Enough of brackets - the birds by Adam Booth by the pond look cold in the weak afternoon light.

Frost on the roof in the early morning, soon to go in the sun.

This sunflower self sown in the lily pot seems not to be bothered though. A little sun all in its own right.
I have pruned back the Hydrangea Annabelle and found that it has developed what look like suckers or offshoots - i.e. new plants a foot from the old main stem. It should be possible to separate these and replant elsewhere.

The herb pot is still doing ok though the dill is long over. The osteospermum is continuing to flower.

Why do things come all together - the electric gate is dead, the broadband is dodgy and BT are struggling to find a cause, my back is still sore, it is raining - good job we have GOOD NEWS occasionally.
Still the Sedum flowers (and flops) - have tried staling and Chelsea chops and so on but to no avail.
I shall have to have a think this winter - perhaps a stronger supporting frame would help.

Then there is the green garden as with the conical bay tree outside the kitchen. It has enough leaves to supply the whole of South Cumbria let alone us. Texture on the right, different forms of foliage contesting with one another - mind you the rosemary is out of hand too and needs attacking.

And finally, as a small splinter of sun graces this sodden corner that is forever England autumn colour is still apparent on the lower banking.

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  1. Is it likely that the squirrels can pass-on human leprosy I wonder?