Friday, 27 January 2017


So I have been out finishing weeding the rose bed and plonking some compost around the plants. Most of the weeds are not truly weeds but forgetmenots that have seeded themselves across the bed.
R has been trying up and clearing the dead grass from the fig on the bank.
We have had help from JW and he has put a gutter on the Wendy House and dealt with a small bit of rot in the door. 
The calendulas are still flowering - strange, snowdrops and marigolds together.

So one day a frosty start and clear skies, the next overcast and gloomy. One thing to say about British weather, it is never the same one week (day?) to the next.

The new spring by the apple tree is draining but I shall have to get out the old slotted pipe.

Meanwhile a mole has dug a run across on of the paths by the rhubarb bed.

I am surprised by the tenacity of herbs in the garden - marjoram here - but even the mint is still green let alone rosemary, sage and thyme - yes we have a small bit of parley too - cue for a song?

And the snowdrops come and come.

As do the moles as you can see next to the snowdrops in this pic.

I have been to Potato Day at Greenodd Village Hall with R and both my sisters! R bought some gladioli corms and a couple of seed packets. A pound to get in and soup, cake and cup of tea for a fiver. Got home and attacked the stream - upper half, digging out detritus, sorting springs and carting loads of watercress too the compost heap. Now for a fire in the wood burner, a small beer and feet up.


Wednesday morning and the day begins with  bird triple - heron hunting frogs from the pond, geese heading west to the Duddon and the song thrush is back, early, singing its triple phrases. It would be a gardening day if we were not going out. The Thursday and the temperature struggles to get above zero - where did that come from? (Actually Europe)(A bit like a last gift before Brexit.)

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