Friday, 10 February 2017


The thing about February is the feeling that winter is nearly over - but it isn't. Snowdrops are out, the odd shrub is flowering out of season, we have frost (or as at present loads of rain).
In fact the garden is a quagmire so I stay off then lawns. It was a good thing I cleared out the streams - though we have new springs and consequently patches of sodden grass.
It is all not helped by a bad back so no barrowing about of compost and such. (Anyway the wheelbarrow had a puncture. Put the inner tube under water - nothing, no little stream of bubbles. Pumped it up - next day flat. In the end took it to  a tyre place and they stuck a new tube in for a tenner.)

Up this morning to an avian world - heron by the pond, pheasant in the field and the mallard are back, bottoms up feeding in the pond. We thought they had abandoned us but not to be. They will, no doubt, eat the frog spawn from the frogs not eaten by the heron - but that's the way the world goes. Choices, choices - frogs or herons, tadpoles or ducks!

Sorry for no blog but been away in Bonnie Scotland. Cold and frosty at the moment but then the sun comes out and a sense of spring arrives with a little warmth.

Whilst away we saw lots of interesting birds - peregrine falcon, skylark, kite, nuthatch and on way home went to Caerlaverock WWT and saw lots of duck, 3 types swan and waders plus water rail.
Back home the tree sparrows are at the feeders. 

The cold weather gets into me bones and muscles - gives me a sinking feeling -

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